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Black college presidents matter; we should lead from the top

Source: The Hechinger Report

On February 12, Darryll Pines, the longstanding dean of the School of Engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park, was appointed president of the entire university. Over the course of more than 20 years at College Park, Pines rose through the ranks as a professor and administrator, building a distinguished academic and administrative track record that certainly warrants the appointment.


Enrollment Headaches From Coronavirus Are Many. They Won’t Be Relieved Soon.

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education

For American colleges at the height of the admissions season, the spreading illness is forcing them to work on parallel tracks. On one, it’s business as usual. On the other, they are planning for a myriad of contingencies.


Parenting In the Black Community: Why Raising Children Is Different for Us

Source:  Atlanta Black Star.

It’s no secret that Black and White parents often raise their children differently. White children are frequently allowed to “explore the world,” which is exhibited by running free in public places or expressing their displeasure with a decision a parent has made. Black children, on the other hand, are taught to accept the word of their parents above all else, and are often taught to be quiet and polite when in public.

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Parenting approaches and concerns


American parents across demographic groups say being a parent is central to who they are, but the ways they approach parenting – and the concerns they have about their children – vary in some significant ways between mothers and fathers as well as across generations, and racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups.


“I Don’t Want To Be A Father Anymore”   

The Challenges of Child Rearing-Do Not Have To Be Challenges at All

Source:  Short story and poem by Djuan Perry

Anyone who has children understands the responsibility involved in raising them.  It appears, the older the child gets the greater the responsibility becomes. Ava and Ishmal were the proud parents of two very handsome boys.


Becoming a Volunteer   

Source:  Motherwit Magazine by: Darlene Preston

Becoming a Volunteer Starts with TIME


Time is one of the most precious commodities today and guess what? We all have it! Not one of us can rightfully say that we have no time but I am sure we can all agree that we have very little of it.                                                                                      

And time is certainly not free. I don’t understand where this concept comes from. Most of us usually expect something in return when we give up our time. But people often ask of us to donate our time “freely”; yes freely. They call it volunteering.

How can we give up something so valuable, “freely”? And why should we volunteer our precious time anyway?

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